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IMMStudios Jörg Rudolf

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IMM Jörg Rudolf

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IMMStudios Jörg Rudolf

As we said, the driving force behind IMM’s success story is Jörg Rudolf. Jörg is always looking for ways to optimise his process, machinery and workflow. Jörg has a hands-on mentality. If there is a way to work faster, better or to optimise machine occupation, Jörg will step in. Decades of experience and the support of his wife Susanne have brought Jörg all he ever hoped for: a competitive company where he can display his creativity in solving problems. Jörg embraces the motto “you’re welcome” as no other.

Feel the warmth of IMMStudios

Many customers say the same: the genuine feeling of being welcome. The management team of Jörg and Susanne show their appreciation of your joining the IMMStudios family by focusing on you as a customer and your products. Seeing is believing: arrange a meeting and join the family.

The real me

When I’m not working (and yes, that happens sometimes), I have a few hobbies. I just love motorbikes! I enjoy riding along the winding roads around Stuttgart and Schwarzwald. My other hobbies often tend to be combined. Holidays – preferably to more exotic destinations – fine wining and dining and… snowboarding. There’s nothing better: it clears your head, no phone, no e-mail, just speed and wind in my hair. And of course, I like to finish the day with a deliciously cold glass of beer.

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